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Vetco Seminars - July 2020

Calf Rearing Workshop / Spring Triage & Treatment

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the team at vetco limited

We have a passionate team at our Vetco Clinics who are dedicated to providing top quality customer & veterinary service to all our clients. Here is our happy band;


 Justin Muschamp BVSc - Veterinarian/Business Owner Jason C Boyle - Purchasing Manager/Business Owner
 Roger Boyle - Business Manager/Business Owner Nicole Rabbidge - Executive Officer
   Jenna Boult - Admin/Retail
 Oliver (Ollie) Craig BVSc (dist) - Veterinarian Bianca Fepuleai - Retail/Admin
 Enya Doo BVSc - Veterinarian Niki Thomas - Accounts
 Olivia Dower-Tylee BVM&S (Dist) MRCVS - Veterinarian Nicky Wallace - Retail/Admin
 Charlotte Harris BSc BSVc - Veterinarian Kate Jones RVM - Senior Vet Nurse
 Terri McCurdy BVSc - Veterinarian Ashley McStay - Vet Nurse
 Lisa McIntosh BVSc - Veterinarian Abbie Phillips - Vet Nurse
 Rachel Shanks BVSc - Veterinarian Abby Treanor - Vet Nurse
   Donald Hay - Deliveries
   Terri Sinclair - Deliveries
   Michele Milne - Lab Technician