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As we enter the Festive Season the management and staff at Vetco and the directors of the Edendale Veterinary Club would like to thank the community for their continued support of our veterinary practice this past year

the team at vetco limited

We have a passionate team at our Vetco Clinics who are dedicated to providing top quality customer & veterinary service to all our clients. Here is our happy band;


 Justin Muschamp BVSc - Veterinarian/Business Owner Jason C Boyle - Purchasing Manager/Business Owner
 Roger Boyle - Business Manager/Business Owner Nicole Rabbidge - Executive Officer
   Fiona Hirst - Admin/Retail
 Oliver (Ollie) Craig BVSc (dist) - Veterinarian Nicola Marsden - Retail/Admin
 Enya Doo BVSc - Veterinarian Liz Powell - Retail/Admin
 Leanie Geldenhuys BVSc - Veterinarian Nicky Wallace - Retail/Admin
 Charlotte Harris BSc BVSc - Veterinarian Kate Jones RVN - Vet Nurse
 Terri McCurdy BVSc - Veterinarian Byron Lucas - Vet Nurse
 Angela Wright BVSc - Veterinarian Ashley McStay - Vet Nurse
   Flora Marshall - Retail/Deliveries
   Donald Hay - Deliveries
   Brian Tippett - Deliveries
   Michele Milne - Lab Technician